Dear Citizens of the world,

The year 2020 has been one of great pivots, more so than any other changing the landscape of education as we know it. As with all change, adaptation to meet the challenges is paramount for the survival of civilisation as we know it.

We, at BeED, believe that survival should be viewed not only as an individual but one as a human race.

When a child suffers, our future ripples. When a nation is in turmoil, other nations face uncertainties. When a pandemic hits the world, killing indiscriminately, life as we know it changes forever. As positive as we may all want to be, at the subconscious level, it is a fact that life will never be quite the same again. This is when we need to hold on to each other even tighter, to brave this new unknown future.

“The sudden switch to using digital instruction may have led to suboptimal results if compared to a business as usual in-presence instruction, as teachers, students and schools all had to unexpectedly adjust to a novel situation.“ OECD, 24th September 2020

Many fundamentals of the educational industry have been tested and exposed during this time, from basic infrastructure to core pedagogical processes. On reflection, the core teaching and learning fundamentals have become more important than ever to ensure we navigate this new environment and keep students engaged. The collaboration of Educators, Children and Families is now a key determining factor for a child’s education.

“Students’ attitudes and dispositions are influenced to a great degree by the support they receive from families and teachers and by the role models they are exposed to. Support from families and teachers, including parental emotional support and teacher enthusiasm, are important for the development of positive attitudes towards learning and can ensure that students acquire the attitudes and dispositions that maximises their ability to make the most of online learning opportunities. Yet, some families and teachers may struggle to provide such support — especially during the COVID-19 crisis — because of a lack of time, insufficient digital skills or lack of curricular guidelines.” OECD, 24th September 2020

In this capitalist world, we have grown to accept that there are those who are privileged and those who are disadvantaged. How then do we respond in this new world where the disadvantaged are now even more vulnerable? The numbers in this pool are rising by the day, and we at BeED believe that it is our responsibility to help shore the tide.

Calamities will rage through our world like a firestorm, but like nature, rebirths will happen and life will persevere. We should look forward to the new year without forgetting the past. We need to embrace global communities and reach out to every single soul on their knees to forge ahead into the future. Seek new collaborations, but never forget the sacrifices made by many who are unnoticed and quiet.

At BeED, we will continue to go beyond education and embrace… life.



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Michael Chian

From Science teacher to Principal to Curriculum Director and Teacher Trainer. Fanatical with all things to do with Edtech, Pedagogy and Education Equity